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DSR 1 Rifle is "The most sophisticated and technologicaly advanced tactical precision rifle in the world." Designed from the ground up by DSR's technical team, this rifle meets or exceeds all mission requirements for a tactical precision rifle. More...
Some of the DSR No.1 Subsonic contains the following features: design with primary and secondary expansion chambers including special inserts, free floating barrel, no additional masses on barrel, deflection of gas flow from bullet path. More...
For the standard version of the DSR 1 a tactical silencer is available. The silencer is designed to be used with high power ammunition of the DSR 1 chamberings. More...
Hydraulic recoil damping system. Blast compensator (combines muzzle brake and effective blast pressure reduction). More...

What separates the DSR 1 from the competition?

  • Bullpup design with short overall length
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Numerous features already included
  • Suspension bipod system with 3 axis rotation for steady aiming
  • High cost match barrel with extreme concentricity
  • Fully adaptable to the shooters ergonomic requirements without tools
  • Full length barrel shroud to support the rifle in hidden position
  • Easy accessible spare magazine
  • Extended Picatinny type rail (modified) for scope and accessories (NSV)
  • Modular design / quick change barrel
  • .308 Win./.300 Win. Mag./.338 Lapua Mag. caliber interchangeability
  • .308 Win. Subsonic with lowest noise level


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