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DSR 1 Subsonic



The DSR 1 Subsonic contains the following features:

DSR 1 Subsonic in action


The DSR 1 Subsonic is adjusted to use the subsonic type of ammunition calibre 7,62mm x 51 / .308 Win. Barrel length is 310 mm. The 8 inch twist rate of the barrel is especially adapted to stabilize the heavy projectiles of subsonic ammunition.

DSR 1 Subsonic in actionThis ammunition has the same dimensions like standard ammunition of the same calibre. The propellant charge is reduced to keep the bullet velocity (app. 320 m/s) below the speed of sound (340 m/s). This avoids the super sonic crack of standard ammunition. No type of suppressor can reduce the super sonic crack of a bullet flying at super sonic speed.

Only use of subsonic type of ammunition is recommended.


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